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Life is a journey and we would love for you to join us on the journey. You can find another church to join you on your journey, you just won't have as much fun along the way.  We love to laugh and have a good time.  We are a casual church with people in jeans and t-shirts, to polo's and suits.  Come as you are!  


The greatest tool we have been given to assist us on our journey through life is God's word.  It is our guide, our sounding board. It is our window into who God really is, and our manual for how we should live our lives.  We preach directly from the Word of God and encourage everyone to allow God's word to be apart of their lives on a daily basis. 


Life is crazy and never seems to slow down.  We would like to give you an opportunity to break away from your daily routine and join us for some quality time with God.  If you need prayer, we want to pray with you.  If you want to spend time in God's presence, come to the altar and bask in His glory. Come expecting great things.

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